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Our generation grew up with streaming platforms and binge-watching shows. During the pandemic, the Netflix documentary show Tiger King was one of the most tweeted hashtags. Shows like Bridgerton, Squid Games, Inventing Anna, Outer Banks, YOU broke the internet when they dropped and if you didn’t know what was going on you were out of the loop. For us, binge-watching TV shows is a part of our culture. It’s what connects us beyond our passions and life goals. That’s why we, as three college students, wanted to be the ones to share our voices on this topic.

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  • ‘Maid’ Review by Taylor Vismor

    ‘Maid’ Review by Taylor Vismor

    Maid is something everyone in America should watch. Maid, a Netflix Original, has taken the streaming service by storm and charted in the top ten for shows in the U.S. The series is inspired by the memoir of writer, Stephanie Land and follows the story of Alex, a young mother who is trying to flee […]

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  • ‘Friends’ Review by Sarah Detwiler

    ‘Friends’ Review by Sarah Detwiler

    When it hasn’t been your day, or week, or month, or ever your year — Friends was there for you for ten years. But should it have been? Arguably the most popular sitcom running from 1994 to 2004, Friends captivated Generation X. Although, after being off the air for almost two decades, the newest generation […]

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  • The most dramatic season of “The Bachelor” lives up to its expectations by Katherine Lewis

    The most dramatic season of “The Bachelor” lives up to its expectations by Katherine Lewis

    Season 26 of “The Bachelor,” led by former Missouri football player Clayton Echard, was advertised as the most dramatic season ending yet. The Bachelor franchise teased at how Echard’s season would end, but left viewers on the edge of their seat to find out how his love story played out. While fans and regular viewers […]

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